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For Life
2005.02.14(Review of 2000.08.29 edition)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Having said that, we should let you know right now that this week's theme has NOTHING to do with St. Valentine or his legacy. Instead, we have five very important WordMasters we've produced over the years, dealing with computers and the Internet. For anyone living in the 21st century, these are must-know expressions!

Today's Lesson
ACCESS   アクセスする


  • When talking about computers, to access something is to connect to it; for example, you can access the Internet, your e-mail, or a server.
  • コンピュータについて話す際に、access という言葉を使うと、何かに接続するという意味になります。例えば、access the Internet(インターネットにアクセスする)、access your e-mail(Eメールにアクセスする)、access a server(サーバーにアクセスする)というように使います。


  1. You need a password to access that Web site.
  2. My ex-roommate accessed my e-mail and read all my messages!
  3. To access the WordMaster archives, just go to http://www.wordmaster.jp/wm/forlife/index.html and search by keyword or browse by theme.

英会話レッスンWe'll have another WordMaster for the Information Age for you tomorrow. See you then!