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For Life
2005.02.01(Review of 2002.05.10 edition)

Hello again! Welcome back to Berlitz WordMaster, your personal language-fitness trainer!

Today we're revisiting a word that is often the main reason many of our female readers run, lift, and sweat at the local health club!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: ジャパニーズイングリッシュ
FIGURE (= body shape)   スタイル、体つき


  • A woman's figure is the shape of her body.

    Be careful [1]! We do NOT use the word “style” like the Japanese スタイル to mean a woman's figure.

    Be careful [2]! The word “proportions”, like the Japanese プロポーション, is sometimes used to talk about a woman's figure, as in the expression “She has nice proportions.” However, this expression is a little vulgar.
  • figure は、女性のスタイル、体つき、という意味です。

    注意1:style は、日本語の「スタイル」のように 体つき、という意味では使いません。

    注意2:proportions は、日本語の「プロポーション」のように、体つきの意味で使われることがあります。(例:She has nice proportions.)けれども少し下品な表現になります。


  1. Jill has always had a good figure. She even worked as a model for a few years.
  2. Do you think swimming would improve my figure?
  3. I lost my figure after having my first baby.
  4. You're so lucky! How can you eat so much and still keep your figure?

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