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For Life

Have we got a week for you! Summer is here, the days are long and full of promise, and it's time for romance! The theme is "Summer Lovin'!" and we can't wait to begin!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Problem Vocabulary
CRUSH (n.)   熱を上げること、のぼせ上がり


  • A crush  is a strong - but temporary - feeling of love that a young person has for another (often older) person.

    Be careful:
    We do NOT usually use the word crush  to talk about the feelings of an adult, since a crush  is not considered a mature, long-lasting emotion.
  • crush  は、若い人が他の人(自分より年上の人の場合が多い)に、一時的に夢中になることです。

    大人が抱く感情について話すときには、普通この言葉は使いません。crush  は、分別があって長く続くような感情ではないからです。


  1. I think my daughter has a crush  on her English teacher. She never stops talking about him.
  2. When I was in high school, I had a huge crush  on the captain of the football team.
  3. (talking about their daughter)
    WOMAN: I'm worried about Miki. Ever since she found out Hiroyuki was dating someone else, she hasn't stopped crying.
    HUSBAND: Don't worry. She's only 14. It's just a schoolgirl crush.  In a few weeks, she'll have forgotten all about him.

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