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Welcome back! As you've seen in past WordMasters, some Japanese-English expressions - like "morning call" and "golden hour" - aren't even used in English. But things become even more confusing when a word that IS English is used differently in Japanese. That's the case with today's WordMaster, so read carefully!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
PHOTOGRAPHER vs. CAMERAMAN   写真家、カメラマン vs. 撮影技師


  • A photographer is someone who takes pictures with a camera.

    A cameraman is someone who operates a movie camera or television camera professionally.

    Be careful:
    We do NOT use the word cameraman like the Japanese カメラマン to mean photographer.
  • photographer  は、カメラで写真を撮る人のことです。

    cameraman  は、映画やテレビの撮影用カメラを回す人のことです。

    日本語では  photographer  のことをカメラマンと言うことがありますが、英語では  photographer  のことを  cameraman  と呼ぶことはありません。


  1. My uncle's a professional photographer. He takes pictures for travel magazines.
  2. They say that the really great photographers, like Ansel Adams and Mitsuaki Iwago, often wait days before the light is just right for that perfect photograph.
  3. My dream is to become a Hollywood cameraman.

Got it? Good!