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Today's LessonCATEGORY: Commonly Confused Words
DRUGSTORE vs. PHARMACY   ドラッグストア vs. 薬屋、調剤薬局


  • A drugstore is a store that sells medicines and other items, such as body care products.

    A pharmacy, like a drugstore, is a store that sells medicines and (often) other items. It can also be part of a store, where medicines are sold, or part of a hospital, where medicines are prepared.

    Be careful:
    Although we say drugstore, we usually use the word "medicine" instead of "drug" when talking about things like aspirin, cold medicine, hay fever medicine, etc. "Drug" is used more commonly to talk about illegal substances, such as cocaine and marijuana.
  • drugstore  は、薬を売っている店のことで、ほかにボデイーケア用品なども扱っています。

    pharmacy  は、ドラッグストアと同様、薬を売る店のことで、その他の雑貨を扱っていることも多いです。店の中で薬を売っている一角や、病院で薬の調剤をする場所のことも pharmacy  といいます。

    薬を扱っている店を drugstore  と呼びますが、薬(アスピリン、かぜ薬、花粉症の薬など)について話すとき、普通 drug ではなく medicine という言葉を使います。一般的にdrug は、違法薬物(コカインやマリファナなど)をさすからです。


  1. (leaving for work)
    Husband: I'm leaving now. Bye!
    Wife: Can you pick up some aspirin for me at the drugstore on your way home?
    Husband: Sure, I was going to get some shaving cream there anyway.
  2. (a doctor to a patient)
    I'll write you a prescription for some pain killers you can take for the next few days. You can have it filled at whatever pharmacy is convenient for you.
  3. (a doctor to a hospital patient)
    Here's a prescription for some pills that should help. Pick them up at the pharmacy on the first floor.

Take an aspirin and call us again tomorrow!