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It's great to be back here with you again! We hope your weekend was a full and exciting one.

Last week we talked about colds and cold symptoms. This week we'll be telling you about some of the ways you can fight back! 

Prepare for battle!

Today's Lesson


  • Medicine is any substance taken to cure illness or reduce its symptoms, or taken to treat an injury by reducing pain, swelling, etc.
  • medicine は、病気を治したり症状をやわらげたり、けがの痛みや腫れの治療したりするためのもの、つまり、薬のことです。


  1. Although cold medicine can't cure a cold, it can make you feel less miserable.
  2. This medicine can only be bought with a prescription.
  3. Keep all medicines away from children.
  4. Can you give me some medicine to relieve the pain?
  5. Take this medicine three times a day before meals.

Thanks for joining us today!