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Welcome to the end of winter!! We hope you have BIG plans for the long weekend. With the extra day off and all the extra daylight hours, there's plenty of time to frolic under the sun. See you there!

Today's Lesson
(LONGER/SHORTER) DAYS   日が(長くなった/短くなった)


  • To say that the days are longer/shorter means there are more/fewer hours between sunrise and sunset.
  • days are longer/shorter は、日の出と日の入りの間の時間が 長くなった/短くなった という意味です。


  1. Now that the days are longer, we can spend more time outdoors.
  2. Another reason to celebrate Christmas is that it's the time of year when the days first start getting longer.
  3. The shorter days of December and January make me feel depressed.

Celebrate spring's arrival well!