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Hello again! Today we talk about electricity at its most playful. Are you one of the loyal fans of these high-tech games? Or are you a parent who curses them and just wishes your child could learn to play with sticks and acorns like you used to?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: Japanese English
VIDEO GAME / COMPUTER GAME   ビデオゲーム、テレビゲーム/コンピュータゲーム


  • A video game is an electronic game played by controlling images on a TV or other screen. Controls include buttons, joysticks (a vertical stick-like control), steering wheels, etc.

    A computer game is a game played on a computer.

    Be careful:
    We do not use the expression "TV game" like the Japanese テレビゲーム to mean video game.
  • video game  は、テレビやその他の画面に映し出される映像をコントロールしながら行うゲームです。コントロール装置は、ボタンやジョイスティック(棒状のコントローラー)、ハンドルなどです。

    computer game  は、コンピュータを使って行うゲームです。

    英語のTV game という表現は、日本語の「テレビゲーム」の意味では使われません。


  1. Video game these days are so realistic, it's like watching a movie you can control.
  2. I'm worried about my son. All he does is play video games all day.
  3. A lot of computer games are based on successful action, fantasy, and science fiction movies.
  4. a: What do you use your computer for?
    b: Mostly just to surf the Net and play computer games.

So, how many aliens have you killed today?