Hello again! We'll be sharing one more meal with you before we say farewell until Monday. But today's meal may be enough to last you all weekend!

ALL YOU CAN EAT / FREE REFILLS   食べ放題 / おかわり自由

If, for a fixed price, you can have as much food at a restaurant as you want, we say that the restaurant or the meal is all you can eat. We also sometimes use the expression all you can drink.

Another way of saying all you can drink is to say that there are free refills.

(Be careful: We do NOT use the English word "Viking" (a Scandinavian pirate) like the Japanese バイキング to mean all you can eat.)

決められた値段で食べたいだけ食べられる場合、そのレストランや食事のことを all you can eat (食べ放題)と呼びます。また、all you can drink (飲み放題)という表現もあります。

飲み放題の別の言い方として、free refills (おかわり自由)という表現もあります。

注意: 英語の Viking という言葉は、海賊のバイキングをさし、日本語のように食べ放題の意味では使われません。
1.At many hotels in the city, breakfast is all you can eat
2.I go to that restaurant for their all-you-can-eat salad bar. I never leave hungry.
3.Soft drinks are only 200 yen with free refills.
Have a lovely weekend!

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