MOONLIGHT (v.)の意味、アルバイトをする、内職をする

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For those of us with day jobs, the only time we'd have free to work a second job is when the sun has clocked out and the moon and stars are busy working the swing shift. Thus today's expression!

Today's Lesson
MOONLIGHT (v.)   アルバイトをする、内職をする


  • To moonlight is to have a second job, especially one that you don't tell your regular employer about.
  • moonlight は、副業をする、という意味で、特に本業の雇用主に言わずにする場合に使います。



  1. He works nine-to-five at a design studio and moonlights as a bartender in the evenings.
  2. Ever since our third child was born, I've had to moonlight at a convenience store just to make ends meet.
  3. She always seemed tired at work. So when they found out she was moonlighting, she was quickly given the sack.

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