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Today's Lesson
(FINANCIAL/JOB) SECURITY   (経済的/職業の)保障、安定


  • To have security is to not have to worry about something, such as losing your job (= job security) or not having enough money to pay for the things you need in life (= financial security).
  • security とは、何かについて心配する必要がないこと、つまり、保障や安定を意味します。例えば、job security は、職を失うことがないという保証、financial security は、生活必需品のための十分なお金がないことを心配する必要がない、経済的な安定、ということになります。



  1. I've always had a need for security, which is why I chose to work for a large company.
  2. We live on a double income and have only one child, so financial security has never been a real concern.
  3. Public school teachers enjoy a meaningful career, extended summer vacations, and excellent job security.

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