TIED UPの意味、手が塞がっている

@Work 2010.12.17
Q: Why was Gulliver - that famous traveler to Lilliput - unable to make it to his afternoon appointment?

A: Because he was all tied up! (cue laugh track)
Today's Lesson CATEGORY: イディオム
(BE) TIED UP   手が塞がっている
If someone is tied up, they are not able to do something because they're busy doing something else.

To tie up something (for example, a phone or traffic) is to prevent it from being used or from moving forward.
tied up は、何かをするのに忙しくて、他のことができない、という意味です。

tie up +(もの)(…例えば、電話や交通など)と言うと、それらを使えないようにする、動けなくする、という意味になります。
1 I'll be tied up in meetings until 4:00.
2 (on the phone)
I'm a bit tied up at the moment. Can I call you back later?
3 Please don't tie up the phone. I'm expecting an important call.
4 Traffic was tied up for over an hour because of an accident on the interstate (highway).
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