@Work 2010.10.21
Since so much computer jargon is borrowed from the vocabulary of the analog world - Web “pages”, “windows”, “wallpaper”, etc. - it's no surprise that this word is being put to good purpose as well.

We hope you enjoy the Thursday edition!
Today's Lesson
BOOKMARK   ブックマーク、ブックマークに加える
A bookmark (noun) is a record of a Web address that allows you to quickly return to a Web page you've seen before.

To bookmark (verb) a Web page is to create such a record.
名詞の bookmark は、以前見たウェブサイトのページにすぐに戻れるように、ウェブアドレスを記録したもの、つまり、ブックマークのことです。

動詞の bookmark は、あるウェブサイトのページの記録を作ること、つまり、ブックマークに加える、という意味です。
1 Hold on. I think I still have that company's Web site in my bookmarks.
2 When you back up a computer, are bookmarks automatically saved too?
3 I've bookmarked some of my favorite Internet radio stations so that I can listen to them whenever I want to.
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