RETURN A CALLの意味、折り返し電話をする

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Missed a call? Then here's another item for your “To Do” list!

Today's Lesson
RETURN A CALL   折り返し電話をする


  • To return a call is to call someone back because they called you earlier (for example, while you were away from your desk).
  • return a call は、(例えば、席をはずしていたときなどに)誰かから電話をもらっていたので、その人に折り返し電話をする、という意味です。



  1. (Ms. Baxter's assistant on the phone)
    a: Who's calling, please?
    b: This is William Jones, returning Ms. Baxter's call.
  2. I left a message on her voice mail, but she never returned my call.
  3. (one salesperson to another)
    His most recent blog was about how to get a prospect (= potential customer) to return your call. You should read it; I found it really useful.

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