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2009.11.04 (Review of 2007.04.10 edition)

Today's WordMaster isn't just hot - it's sizzling!

Today's Lesson
HOTSPOT   ホットスポット


  • A hotspot is a place where wireless Internet access is available.
  • hotspot とは、無線インターネット・アクセスが可能な場所のことです。



  1. (asking a passerby for information)
    a: Do you know where I can find a hotspot around here? I'd like to check my e-mail.
    b: There's a wireless cafe on the corner of 7th and Charles Street.
  2. I don't study at the library anymore. Since it became an Internet hotspot, there's too much keyboard noise from everyone's computers.
  3. The whole city is one big wireless hotspot, so you can access the Internet anywhere.