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When talking about someone who isn't there, a good rule of thumb is never to say anything you wouldn't be comfortable saying in their presence as well. Of course, such restraint won't exactly stoke the fires of today's form of communication!

Today's Lesson
GOSSIP   うわさ話(をする)、陰口(をたたく)


  • To gossip (verb) is to talk about other people's personal lives, especially in an unkind way.

    The noun form is also gossip.
  • gossip (動詞)は、特に意地悪く、他人の私生活について話す、つまり、うわさ話をする、陰口をたたく、という意味です。

    名詞形も gossip で、うわさ話、陰口、という意味です。



  1. (to co-workers at the coffee machine)
    What are you two gossiping about?
  2. I'd rather eat by myself than spend my lunch hour gossiping.
  3. a: I heard that you and Eri spent the weekend in Hakone together.
    b: Well, don't believe all the gossip you hear.
  4. (to a coworker reading a magazine)
    a: What are you reading?
    b: Just the latest celebrity gossip. Did you know that Max Berlitz has had three plastic surgery operations on his nose?

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