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For Life
2009.11.20 (Review of 2000.08.06 edition)

Here's an expression from the WordMaster's very first week, way back in August 2000!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
KEEP THE CHANGE   おつりはとっておいてください


  • When you pay someone for a service and want to give them the change as a tip, you can say Keep the change when (or after) you hand them the money.
  • サービスに対するチップとしておつりを渡したいときは、お金を渡しながら(または渡した後に)、keep the change (おつりはとっておいてください)と言います。



  1. (in a taxi)
    DRIVER: The fare's $8.50, please.
    PASSENGER: Here's $10.00. Keep the change.
    DRIVER: Thank you, sir.
  2. (at a restaurant)
    WAITER: Here's your bill. Your total is $24.75.
    CUSTOMER: Here's thirty (= $30). You can keep the change.
    WAITER: Thanks!
  3. (pizza delivery person, after customer hands him $25)
    a: Do you need change?
    b: No, keep it.

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