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For Life

Long time no see! How was your holiday?

We know that the first days back from a long break can sometimes be tough, so we wanted to choose a theme guaranteed to put a smile on your face. Well, we can think of nothing that brightens peoples spirits more than these: Pets and Babies! Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
PET (a dog)


  • A pet (noun) is an animal - like a cat or dog - that you keep at home for pleasure.

    To pet (verb) an animal is to gently move your hand along its body.
  • 名詞の pet は、家で楽しむために飼う、猫や犬などの動物、つまり、ペット、という意味です。

    動詞の pet は、動物の体にそって手をやさしく動かす、つまり、やさしくなでる、という意味です。

PET (a dog)


  1. a: Do you have any pets?
    b: Yes, I have a dog and two cats.
    a: I have a pet iguana.
  2. Let's stop at the pet shop. They have the cutest hamsters there.
  3. Oh, what a sweet little puppy! Can I pet him?
  4. (talking about her cat)
    She'll sit on my lap for hours, but she doesn't like to be petted.

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