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The world can always use a little more compassion ... and another edition of Berlitz WordMaster!

Today's Lesson
FEEL SORRY FOR   ~を気の毒に思う、かわいそうに思う


  • To feel sorry for someone is to feel sad or bad for them because of something unpleasant that has happened.
  • feel sorry for someone は、誰かに好ましくない出来事が起こったことを、気の毒に思う、という意味です。



  1. (children choosing teams for a baseball game)
    a: Why did you pick Albert? You know that he can't hit the ball.
    b: I felt sorry for him. He's always the last one to be picked.
  2. I feel so sorry for Brian - losing his job like that, and after 15 years with the company!
  3. Oh, stop feeling sorry for yourself! It's your fault that Wendy left you.

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