CATCH ONの意味、理解する、会得する

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2008.12.04(Review of 2005.04.05 edition)

Thank you, for the pleasure of your company once again. Here's a new expression that we're sure you'll master in no time!


  • To catch on is to understand new ideas and how to do new things.
  • catch on とは、新しい知識を得たり、新しい物事の手順などを理解する、という意味です。



  1. (manager to new employee)
    This is excellent work. You catch on fast!
  2. You can't expect to learn everything on the first day. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll catch on in no time (= soon).
  3. The new kid on the block is pretty slow to catch on, but he tries hard. I like his spirit!
  4. (to a recently hired employee)
    a: How are things at work these days?
    b: Much better. I'm finally catching on to all the jargon they use there.

英会話レッスンSee, we knew you'd catch on fast!