(NEW、FRESH、YOUNG) BLOODの意味、(新しい、フレッシュな、若い)人材

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2008.12.01(Review of 2005.03.30 edition)


It's the first day of a new month, a fine time to look at idioms for talking about a new employee's first days on the job. So let's begin with a “colorful” idiom indeed!

Just as fresh blood can invigorate a sick patient, it can also bring new energy to an ailing company. Here's how!


  • New blood and fresh blood refer to new members of a group, who have lots of energy and new ideas.

    Young blood refers to new members who are young.
  • new bloodfresh blood は、あるグループにおける新人をさし、活力や新しいアイディアに満ち溢れている人たちを言います。

    young blood は、若い新人たちのことをさします。



  1. Some of the more seasoned employees have been asked to accept early retirement to make way for new blood.
  2. I think bringing some fresh blood into the company's top management will help boost performance and morale.
  3. The government needs fresh blood to bring new ideas and change to the country.
  4. With all the young blood on the team now, I feel like a real old-timer.

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