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2008.04.08(Review of 2004.02.18 edition)

For the control freak in all of us!

Today's Lesson
MICROMANAGE   細かいところまで管理する


  • To micromanage is to manage the people under you by controlling even small details of their work, giving them little freedom to make decisions themselves.
  • micromanage とは、部下の仕事を、詳細に至るまで管理し、自分で決定を下す裁量をほぼ与えずに監督する、という意味です。



  1. Simon's tendency to micromanage has made him very unpopular with his employees.
  2. (co-workers)
    a: I've heard that the owner is pretty hands-on.
    b: Hands-on!? She micromanages the business at every level!
  3. The government has been accused of micromanaging the economy and not allowing natural market forces to take their course.

英会話レッスンTake it easy today ... and why not delegate a task or two?