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Hello again!

We're talking computers this week. Not TO computers, of course, but ABOUT them. And it's hard to imagine any conversation about computers that doesn't involve at least one or two of this week's topics!

Today's Lesson
SAVE (a file)   (ファイルを)保存する


  • To save a computer file is to store it on the hard disk, a CD, etc., for future use.
  • コンピュータ・ファイルについて save と言う場合、後で使うためにハードディスクやCDなどに保存する、という意味になります。

SAVE (a file)


  1. Don't forget to save your work before you turn off the computer.
  2. Most word processing software can be set to automatically save a copy of a document every few minutes as you draft it.
  3. I was able to save all of my digital photos onto a single DVD.
  4. When I download a file from the Internet, I usually save it to my desktop so that it's easy to find.
  5. Do you know how to save a file in PDF format?

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