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2008.07.15(Review of 2004.07.13 edition)

Hello! Today we take a look at the traditional formal greeting of Japan - a gesture that can express humility, respect, and gracious welcome. And when expertly performed, it's a delight to the eye!

Today's Lesson
BOW   お辞儀をする、お辞儀


  • To bow (verb) to someone is to greet them, say goodbye, or show them respect by bending your head or upper body forward.

    A bow (noun) is this action.
  • bow は、出会いや別れの挨拶をしたり、敬意を表すために、頭を下げたり、上半身を前かがみにしたりする、つまり、お辞儀をする、という意味です。

    名詞形も bow です。



  1. The students got up from their seats and bowed to their teacher at the beginning of class.
  2. a: Do Japanese people bow when they say hello?
    b: Usually just older Japanese or in more formal situations.
  3. You can show someone more respect by bowing more deeply.
  4. When we arrived at the ryokan, we were greeted with a bow by a woman in kimono.

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