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In today's economy, it just makes sense to use your money wisely. But when you become too attached to money, to the point where spending becomes as unpleasant as pulling teeth, then perhaps words like “frugal” or “economical” no longer apply.

Today's Lesson
STINGY   けちな


  • Someone who is stingy does not easily give or spend money.
  • stingy とは、簡単にお金を出さない、使わない、つまり、けちな、という意味です。



  1. I'd love one of those big home entertainment centers, but I've always been too stingy to buy one.
  2. Don't be so stingy. Take her somewhere nice for a change.
  3. (at an Italian restaurant)
    a: This pizza isn't very good, is it?
    b: No. They were rather stingy with the cheese, weren't they?

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