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For Life
2008.06.23(Review of 2002.08.30 edition)

Our warmest greetings to you! Thank you for joining us for yet another WordMaster milestone. We are humbled by the fact that today Berlitz WordMaster is beginning its 400th week - nearly eight years during which we've had the good fortune to become a daily part of the lives of tens of thousands of readers like you! We are truly thankful for your continued trust and support - and for all the lovely memories!

Today's Lesson
MEMORY   思い出


  • A memory is something you remember from earlier in your life.

    If something such as a photograph, song, or place brings back memories, it helps you remember something from earlier in your life.
  • memory は、過去にあった出来事の中で覚えていること、つまり、思い出、という意味です。

    写真、歌、場所などが過去を思い出させる、というときは、bring back memories と言います。



  1. I have wonderful memories of my high school years!
  2. a: We made some great memories this summer, didn't we?
    b: Yeah, it was a lot of fun!
  3. My favorite memory from our trip was sleeping out under the stars in the Mojave Desert.
  4. (listening to the radio)
    Oh, this song really brings back memories!

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