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Today's edition says it all, we think!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
TGIF!   やった、今日は金曜だ!


  • TGIF! stands for Thank God it's Friday!, which we say to show that we are happy that the weekend is about to begin.
  • TGIF! は、Thank God it's Friday! の省略形です。週末が始まろうとしていることが嬉しい、という気持ちを表すときに使います。



  1. (arriving at the office on a Friday morning)
    a: Good morning! Are you ready for another busy day?
    b: I think so. ... Thank God it's Friday!
  2. I'm having a TGIF party at my house after work on Friday. Do you want to come?
  3. (fictional advertisement)
    Come join the fun at the Berlitz Bistro during our TGIF Happy Hour (= a time of day when drinks are less expensive) every Friday from 5 to 7!

英会話レッスンTGIF, indeed!