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For Life
2008.02.12(Review of 2004.07.29 edition)

Welcome, to the start of a very special week of Berlitz WordMaster! Thursday is Valentine's Day, so we thought we'd use this week to celebrate the joy of being with others, whether in a romantic relationship, a friendship, or just a first encounter.

Let's get social, shall we?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
ALONE vs. LONELY   ひとりで vs. 寂しい


  • To be alone is to be by yourself, not with another person.

    To be lonely is to feel sad because you are alone or because you want to be with someone who isn't there.
  • alone とは、ほかの人と一緒ではない、つまり、ひとりで、という意味です。

    lonely は、ひとりぼっちである、または、そこにいない人と一緒にいたい、という理由で悲しく感じる、つまり、寂しい、という意味です。



  1. (on the phone)
    a: Is there anyone else there with you? I hear voices.
    b: That's the TV. I'm alone right now.
  2. I often go to the movies alone. I can enjoy the film more if I don't have to talk to anyone.
  3. a: I live alone in a one-room apartment.
    b: Don't you ever get lonely?
    a: Not really.
  4. (to Tom's girlfriend)
    You must be lonely now that Tom is away at college.
  5. (on the phone)
    I hope you don't mind me calling so late at night. I was feeling a little lonely and felt like talking with someone.

英会話レッスンBe sure to come back tomorrow. It would be lonely without you!