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For Life
2008.01.15(Review of 2004.09.06 edition)


Seeing your own child participate in rites of passage is enough to make any parent acutely conscious of the passage of time, and yesterday's Coming of Age Day was an especially big one as rites go. So for all those shell-shocked parents of 20-year-olds, this week is for you!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
LOOK AT THE TIME!   もう、こんな時間!


  • A person says Look at the time! when they see a clock or watch and discover, to their surprise, that it's later than they had thought.
  • Look at the time! とは、時計を見て、思っていたより遅い時間であることがわかったときに、驚いて言う表現です。



  1. Look at the time! I didn't realize it was so late!
  2. (while having lunch with a friend)
    Oh, no! Look at the time! I'm going to miss my afternoon appointment if I don't hurry!
  3. (while leaving a movie theater)
    Look at the time! I had no idea it was such a long movie.

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