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2007.12.17(Review of 2006.01.30 edition)

Warm greetings to you, and thank you for joining us on this mid-December Monday!

This week, we'll look at five key elements found in many well-crafted presentations (written or spoken). You're sure to have lots of opportunities to use these when presenting your own ideas or when discussing the presentations of others!

Today's Lesson
BACKGROUND (information)   背景、予備知識


  • Background is information about the events or conditions leading up to something.
  • background とは、何かにつながる出来事や状況に関する情報、つまり、背景、予備知識のことです。

BACKGROUND (information)


  1. (giving a presentation)
    Before I describe our plans for the future, I'll begin with some background on the company: how it was founded and how it has developed over the years.
  2. (recruiter to client)
    If you can tell me a little more about your background, especially the kind of work you've done up to now, it will be easier to place you with an employer.
  3. Here are two reports that provide background information on the problem. Please read them before Thursday's meeting.
  4. Without considering the historical background of a country, you cannot truly understand its people.

英会話レッスンNow that you're up to speed on the background, come back tomorrow for the main event!