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2007.03.13(Review of 2004.12.16 edition)

Many people dream of starting their own business, but to make that dream a reality takes careful planning, then lots of hard work. Today's WordMaster@Work is all about the first half of that formula!

Today's Lesson


  • A business plan is a detailed, written description of the goals for a new business activity and how the goals are to be achieved.
  • business plan は、新規事業の目標や、目標達成の方法が細かく記されたもののことです。


  1. (bank manager to Adam)
    Before we can consider lending you money for your start-up, we'll need to see a detailed business plan.
  2. (business savvy friend to Adam)
    FRIEND: It's exciting that you've decided to start your own business. If you want, I can help you write out a business plan.
    ADAM: That's what I was hoping you'd say!
  3. (bank manager to Adam, two months later)
    This is an excellent business plan. It identifies potential customers, details financial resources, and precisely states long-term goals. Based on this, I think we can approve financing.
  4. (Adam, now a successful entrepreneur)
    According to our latest business plan, three more stores will have opened by this time next year.

英会話レッスンA detailed business plan is essential for any business enterprise to succeed. After all, when they decided to build the Suez Canal, they didn't just start digging, did they?

All the best to you today!