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For Life
2007.09.20(Review of 2003.04.02 edition)

We're just a few days away from the start of autumn, a time of year that reminds us that to everything - including nature, life, and hair - there is a season!

Today's Lesson
(GO) BALD   はげた(はげる)


  • Someone - or someone's head - is bald (adjective) if most or all of their hair has fallen out.

    To bald (verb) or go bald is to become bald.
  • 誰か-または誰かの頭-について bald(形容詞)と言うと、髪の毛がほとんど、または全て抜けた状態のことをさします。

    bald(動詞)または go bald は、はげた状態になりつつあることを表します。



  1. a: Which one is Mr. Emerson?
    b: He's the bald man sitting at the counter.
  2. a: Why do you always wear that hat?
    b: To cover my bald head.
    a: But that's silly - you look great bald!
  3. (fictional radio advertisement)
    Do you want to stop balding and grow new hair fast? Then call now and order the all new Berlitz Basics hair tonic.
  4. If you had a choice, would you rather go gray or go bald?

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