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For Life
2007.07.17(Review of 2000.11.16 edition)

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Today's Lesson
LEFT   残った


  • Something is left if it has not been used, taken, eaten, etc. For example, if you have three cookies and eat two, then there is one cookie left.
  • left は、何かが使われたり、取られたり、食べられたりせずに残っている状態を言います。例えば、クッキーが3枚あって2枚食べると、there is one cookie left. (クッキーが1枚残っている)ということになります。



  1. There weren't any seats left, so we had to stand.
  2. There are only two weeks left before we move, and we still haven't started packing!
  3. We still have some time left. Let's get some snacks to eat on the plane.
  4. I wanted to buy another shirt, but I didn't have any money left.

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