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CALL BACK   (電話を)かけ直す


  • To call back is to call (= contact by phone) someone again or to call someone because they called you earlier (for example, while you were out).
  • call back は、誰かに再び電話をする、または、(例えば、自分の留守中に)先に電話してきた人に、こちらから電話をかける、という意味です。



  1. (on the phone)
    I'm sorry, but I'm rather busy right now. Can you call back later?
  2. (on a cell phone)
    My battery's dying. I'll call you back when I get home.
  3. (returning to the office)
    a: Did I get any messages while I was out?
    b: Mr. Jacobs called. He'd like you to call him back after 3:00.
  4. (on the phone)
    a: Sorry I missed your call this morning.
    b: No problem. Thank you for calling back.

英会話レッスンDon't forget to call back soon!