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For Life
2007.03.12(Review of 2001.01.26 edition)

Hello! Hard worker that he is, the WordMaster is STILL at the office. One week just wasn't enough for that diligent scholar-businessman, and he could use your help. So won't you join us for another week as we look at some key vocabulary that no one can do business without?

Today's Lesson


  • An employer is a person or organization that provides paid jobs.
  • employer は、賃金を支払う仕事を提供する人または組織、つまり、雇用主のことです。


  1. If Berlitz-Mart keeps growing at this rate, it may soon be the largest employer in the country.They created 3000 new jobs just during the last month.
  2. In the United States, employers often provide their staff with medical insurance.
  3. When you apply for a job, most companies will ask for a letter from your former employer.

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