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For Life
2007.01.16(Review of 2003.11.05 edition)


We introduce this WordMaster with a question, which you should be able to answer by the time we leave you today:

QUESTION: What's a natural way of asking someone to describe their hometown?

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現


  • If you want someone to describe a person, place, thing, etc. in general, you can ask “What's it like?

    For more specific information, you can ask questions such as “What does it look like?”, “What does it taste like?”, etc.
  • 人や場所、物などの全般的な様子を尋ねるときに、 What's it like? という表現を使います。

    もっと具体的に知りたいときには、What does it look like? (どんな外見ですか?)や What does it taste like? (どんな味ですか?)などと聞きます。


  1. a: I think I've finally met the man of my dreams.
    b: That's great! What's he like?
    a: He's very good-looking, loves music and art, and he makes me laugh.
  2. a: What was it like living in Cairo?
    b: Oh, it was very exciting! Every day was an adventure.
  3. (at an animal shelter, where lost pets are kept)
    a: What does your dog look like?
    b: She's a small, gray and white poodle. She has a black spot in the middle of her belly.
  4. a: Have you ever had frog legs before?
    b: No. What do they taste like?
    a: Like chicken.

英会話レッスンANSWER: What's your hometown like?
(Did you get it right?)

See you again tomorrow!