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For Life

Happy New Year!

We send you our warmest wishes for 2007 and hope that it's a year filled with joy, wonder, and many dreams fulfilled for you and yours!

Consider today's edition WordMaster's “kakizome” for 2007!

Today's Lesson
IMPROVE   改良する(させる)、向上(進歩)する(させる)


  • To improve is to become better or to make something better.

    The noun form is improvement.
  • improve とは、よりよくなる、あるいは何かをよりよくする、という意味です。

    名詞形は improvement で、改良、という意味になります。


  1. My New Year's resolution is to improve my English enough so that I can work at our New York office.
  2. The weather's improving. Maybe we'll have a nice day for skiing after all.
  3. Her health improved quickly, and she was out of the hospital in three days.
  4. Although she's been working hard, I'm afraid that her grades have shown little improvement.
  5. They've made a lot of improvements to their Web site recently. You should take a look.
  6. We're sure that 2007 will be a big improvement over last year - for everyone!

英会話レッスンAnd there you have it - the WordMaster's first edition for the year of the boar!