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For Life

Money in, money out - such is life. Let's look at the “in” half first!

Today's Lesson


  • Your income is the amount of money you receive over a period of time for work or from your investments.
  • income とは、仕事の対価、あるいは、投資の成果として、一定期間に受け取る金額のことです。


  1. Changing careers has meant a drop in income, but I'm much happier in my new job.
  2. We couldn't afford a house in the city on my income, so we decided to move to a less-expensive area.
  3. The government has plans to triple the amount of low-income housing in the city within ten years.
  4. My wife and I both have full-time jobs. With two incomes and only one child, we've never had to worry about money.
  5. My accountant showed me some ways to reduce my income tax.

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