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Welcome back!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and there was never any doubt about what this week's theme would be! Although we always encourage you to look at the Web version (with illustrations!) for each WordMaster edition, that's especially true this week. A good picture can make the meaning of a word so much clearer than just a written explanation. And it's also a lot more fun!

Today's Lesson
COSTUME / MASK   衣装/仮面


  • A costume is a set of clothes you wear on Halloween, in a play or movie, etc. in order to look like something or someone else.

    A mask, such as worn on Halloween, is something you wear over your face in order to hide it or make it appear frightening, funny, etc.
  • costume とは、何らかのものや別の人らしく見えるようにするために、ハロウィーンや、お芝居、映画などで着る一揃いの衣装、という意味です。

    mask は、ハロウィーンの時などに、顔の上からかぶって顔を隠したり、恐ろしく見せたり、おかしく見せたりするもの、つまり、仮面のことです。


  1. a: What are you going to wear to the Halloween party?
    b: My gorilla costume.
  2. Great costume! Where did you get the idea to dress up like a ninja?
  3. Many superheroes wear masks to hide their identities.
  4. I bought one of those masks the actors wear in Noh plays, as a souvenir.

英会話レッスンSpecial Bonus Idea: How about going to your next Halloween party dressed as the WordMaster?