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As beautiful as ocean views from a beach can be, you'll nonetheless find a lot of people with their eyes on the ground. Here's why!

Today's Lesson
(SEA)SHELL   (貝)殻


  • A shell is the hard case that covers clams, crabs, turtles, nuts, eggs, etc.

    A seashell is the empty shell of a clam, oyster, or similar ocean animal.
  • shell とは、貝、カニ、亀、木の実、卵などを覆っている堅い皮、つまり、殻、甲羅のことです。

    seashell とは、貝や牡蠣などの海洋生物のぬけ殻、つまり、貝殻のことです。


  1. a: There's a piece of shell in my scrambled eggs.
    b: Oh, sorry!
  2. My pet turtle likes to hide inside his shell when my friends come over to see him.
  3. a: You know that smooth, pearl-colored substance on the inside of oyster shells? What do you call it, again?
    b: Mother-of-pearl.
  4. The girls found some beautiful seashells on the beach. Look!

英会話レッスンThey say that you can hear the ocean if you hold a seashell up to your ear. When was the last time you had a listen?