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2006.06.07(Review of 2003.05.08 edition)

Many of the words we use to refer to drinks are grammatically quite interesting. No doubt you learned in school that such words are uncountable, right? But did you know that they're often used as countable nouns as well? Curious about how this works? Then read on!

Today's Lesson
A COLA   コーラ1杯


  • To talk about one serving (a glass, a can, or a bottle) of cola, beer, coffee, etc., we often say a cola, a beer, etc. instead of saying, for example, “a glass of cola” or “some cola”. Of course, we can also say two colas, five beers, etc.
  • コーラやビール、コーヒーなどの飲み物1杯、1缶、1本と言いたいとき、たいていa glass of cola や some cola の代わりに、単に a をつけて、a colaa beer などといいます。もちろん two colasfive beers などということもできます。


  1. (welcoming a guest to your home)
    Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Can I get you a cola or some tea?
  2. WAITER: What would you like to drink?
    CUSTOMER: Two beers and an ice coffee, please.
  3. (ordering for your family at a fast food restaurant)
    I'll have eight cheeseburgers, four large orders of fries, and four large orange sodas.

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