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2006.03.02(Review of 2001.02.28 edition)


There is often more than one way to describe your relationship with someone. But choose carefully, because words don't just have meaning - they have FEELING as well!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 混同しやすい言葉
同僚 vs. (職場の)友人


  • A colleague is someone you work with, usually of similar rank.

    Because the word colleague can sound formal and cold, when we're not in a business situation, we often call a friend that we work with a friend from work, a friend from the office, etc. Of course, we can also simply call such a person a friend.
  • colleague は、同じ職場で働く人のことで、普通同じぐらいの地位の人をさします。

    colleague は、改まった言い方で冷たい印象に聞こえる場合もあるので、仕事に関係のない場では、一緒に働いている人のことを(友人である場合は) a friend from work、a friend from the office などと言います。もちろん、そうした人のことを単に friend と呼ぶこともできます。


  1. My colleague will contact you about the details of the contract.
  2. I had a good meeting with two of your colleagues last week. I think we can do business together.
  3. I'm going out with some friends from work tonight for drinks.
  4. A friend of mine from the office just became vice-president of marketing. I'm so happy for him!
  5. I want you to meet some friends of mine. Tim, this is Greg, Peter, and Sarah. We work in the same office together.

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