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For Life
2006.02.27(Review of 2001.02.26 edition)

Hello! We've been looking forward to seeing you again. How was your weekend?

This week, we've decided to focus on relationships. Specifically, we'll be answering the question “What should you call someone who isn't a stranger?” Enjoy!

Today's Lesson
(a friend) OF (mine)   (私の)(友達)の(ひとり)


  • Someone who is one of your friends is a friend of yours. We can also make similar expressions, such as a colleague of mine, some students of theirs, a patient of Dr. Mason's, etc.
  • あなたの友達のひとり というとき、a friend of yours と言います。同じように、a colleague of mine(私の同僚のひとり)、some students of theirs(彼らの生徒の何人か)、a patient of Dr. Mason's(Mason先生の患者のひとり)などという言い方もできます。


  1. I got together with a friend of mine from the office last night.
  2. a: How did you and your wife first meet?
    b: She was a friend of my sister's.
  3. (at the start of a business meeting)
    Let me introduce you to some colleagues of mine.
  4. There's a Kevin Fagen on the phone for you. He says he was a classmate of yours in high school.

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