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For Life
2006.02.17(Review of 2001.02.14 edition)

Hello again, and welcome to the final edition of our special two-week series in honor of Valentine's Day! We've been telling you a love story, and now it's time for a classic Hollywood ending!

Today's Lesson
(BE) IN LOVE / FALL IN LOVE   恋をしている/恋をする


  • To be in love is to have strong romantic feelings for someone.

    To fall in love is to begin to have such feelings for someone.
  • in love は、誰かに強い恋心を抱いている状態をさします。

    fall in love は、誰かに恋愛感情を持ち始めることをいいます。


  1. I love you, James - you're my best friend. But I'm not in love with you. I'm sorry.
  2. I'll never fall in love again. You only get hurt in the end.
  3. a: Are you in love with Derek?
    b: Yes. I fell in love with him the moment we met.

英会話レッスンKeep love in your heart and WordMaster in your memory this weekend, and we'll see you on the other side! So long!