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For Life
2006.02.07(Review of 2003.05.20 edition)


Here's a word that might be fun to use once in a while!

Today's Lesson
FLIRT   恋愛感情をもてあそぶ


  • To flirt is to behave as if you are romantically interested in someone, although often not seriously.
  • flirt は、誰かに恋愛感情を抱いているかのようにふるまう、という意味ですが、軽い気持ちでする行為をさす場合が多いです。


  1. a: I think Emily really likes you.
    b: No, she was just flirting with me.
  2. (to Andy's girlfriend)
    Doesn't it bother you when Andy flirts with other women?
  3. I wish you'd stop flirting with me. It makes me uncomfortable.

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