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Greetings, and welcome back!

Everyone who has studied a little English can ask questions using words like “who”, “what”, and “where”. But this week we're going to introduce you to some question words you may NOT be familiar with. Enjoy!

Today's LessonCATEGORY: 役に立つ表現
WHAT'S UP?   どうしてる?


  • In the United States, What's up? means “What is happening?” It is often said after greeting someone, as a way to start a conversation.
  • アメリカでは、What's up? とは、「どうしてる?」という意味です。 会話を始める方法として、誰かにあいさつした後によく使われます。


  1. (two co-workers at the coffee machine)
    a: Hi, Gerry! What's up?
    b: Not much. How about you?
  2. a: Hello, Janet.
    b: Hi, Fred.
    a: What's up with you?
  3. a: What's up at home these days?
    b: We're busy packing for our trip. We leave the day after tomorrow, you know.
  4. a: Why are all the books on the floor? What's up?
    b: I'm taking the books we never read off the shelves. I'm going to try to sell them.

英会話レッスンAll the best to you today!