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For Life

Hi! If one of your New Year's resolutions for this year was to get in shape, then you're in luck, because that's exactly what we'll be talking about this week. But we won't be at the gym the whole time. There are easier and more enjoyable ways to get fit!

Today's Lesson
EXERCISE   運動・体操/運動する・体操をする


  • Exercise (uncountable noun) is physical activity that makes your body strong, healthy, or in shape.

    To exercise (verb) or to get exercise is to do such physical activity.

    An exercise (countable noun) is a physical movement or series of movements to make the body stronger, firmer, more flexible, etc.

    To do an exercise is to do such a physical movement.
  • exercise を数えられない名詞として用いた場合、体力をつけたり、健康を増進したり、体調を整えたりするために行う、身体的な活動のことを意味します。

    動詞の exercise や、get exercise という表現は、そのような身体的活動をする、つまり運動するという意味になります。

    exercise を数えられる名詞として用いた場合、体力をつけたり、体を引き締めたり、柔軟性を高めたりするために行う個々の身体的活動、あるいは一連の活動の総称、つまり体操という意味になります。

    このような体操をすることを、do an exercise と言います。


  1. A low-calorie diet and regular exercise are keys to healthy living.
  2. I go to the gym to exercise every day after work.
  3. I don't get much exercise these days. I should really start jogging again.
  4. (a doctor to a patient)
    This exercise should help make your lower back stronger.
  5. Let's do some warm-up exercises before we start today's workout.
  6. a: What's that music? It sounds like it's coming from the park.
    b: Oh, that's the senior citizens' group. They're doing their morning exercises.

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