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2005.12.19(Review of 2004.07.29 edition)

It's nice to be back here with you again! This week's WordMaster@Work editions are centered around the theme of “Planning”, a critically important part of doing business and a theme you've seen here before.

And, since New Year's is just around the corner, we'll start by introducing you to the business equivalent of a New Year's resolution. Read on and see what we mean!

Today's Lesson


  • A mission statement - or mission - is the official description of what a company or organization is and is trying to do.
  • mission statement あるいは mission とは、企業や組織の概要や目標についての正式な記述のことです。


  1. (part of a company's mission statement)
    “Our mission is to provide outstanding customer service at the lowest possible price.”
  2. A good mission statement should serve to motivate employees and create a positive corporate image.
  3. (a long-established accounting firm)
    Don't you think it's time we revise our mission statement? It hasn't changed since the company was founded in 1826.

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