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2005.11.01(Review of 2004.07.30 edition)

Greetings! Today's WordMaster@Work edition demonstrates that some companies only need a small piece of the pie to make it in business. The key is in choosing the right piece!

Today's Lesson


  • A niche market is a small part of a larger market, which specializes in selling a particular (and usually profitable) product to a small number of customers.
  • niche market とは、大きな市場のほんの一部で、少数の顧客に対して特殊で通常利益率の高い製品を売ることに特化した部分です。


  1. We were able to recognize a niche market that wasn't being targeted by any other company, and we've profited nicely from it.
  2. Some small companies can grow from serving a small niche market to competing for a bigger piece of the larger market.
  3. We started our business by creating a niche market for extra large, gourmet tomatoes.

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