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2005.08.22(Review of 2003.08.29 edition)

Welcome, welcome! We're so happy to be back here with you again! And the best way we know to show you our gratitude is to offer you yet another week of interesting and useful business vocabulary. Enjoy!

Today's Lesson


  • An organization is short-staffed when there are fewer employees than usual (because of illness, vacations, etc.) or fewer employees than necessary.
  • short-staffed とは、会社などの組織において、病気や休暇などのために、従業員が通常の人数、あるいは必要な人数よりも少なく、人手が不足している状態をいいます。


  1. My local coffee shop was short-staffed today. It seems many of the employees are sick with the flu.
  2. After being short-staffed for three months, the office finally decided to hire some new employees.
  3. We've been so short-staffed lately that I've had to work 16-hour days.

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